About me

I'm a post-production specialist based in Austin, TX. I graduated from UT Arlington with a BFA in Film/Video in 2014, where I learned all aspects of production. I continue to do sound mixing, gaffing, gripping, camera operating, and directing, but editing has always  been and will always be my passion.

I've been making videos  since I found my dad's camcorder in his closet in 5th grade. Now I edit anything and everything--short films, trailers, skits, motion graphics, special effects, corporate videos, sound, wedding videos, sports, documentaries--if it comes in video format, I want to get my hands on it.

Clients Include

Nickelodeon, WWE, Square Enix, Neiman Marcus, Pier 1, AIG, AMS Dallas, First Allied, Fort Worth Funky, Supply, Freshbooks, Scopely, Versus Evil, Stoic, Glazers, Phaidon